"Chia, would you like all these Indo mee?" I asked my husband as I cleared out all the junk in my pantry. There's so much processed food here! Cocoa pops, chocolates, Lays crisp, brownies, Indo Mee and biscuits are all my usual daily intake. No wonder I have acne. It's my body's way of communicating with me which translates into, "May day, may day, we are heading for disaster here! I repeat. We are heading for disaster!"

You see, I recently watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead  and at the same time Love to Dress was campaigning on health. Ok Allah, I get it. Time for me to take action. Knowing that something is good is one thing, but doing it is call wisdom ;-). Alhamdulillah I found out they have an app that I can download and follow so I can change my eating habits. 

So this is my review of the app:

Reboot with Joe Juice Diet. 


Buying the fruits and veggies will be expensive if you live in Asia or Middle East because their recipes are based on western food. So you've got to be willing to invest in your health to make this happen. You can always substitute it with local fruits and veggies to make it cheap but you have to be a pro for that. When you are blur at the beginning like me, then I suggest you stick to their recipes. However, the serving for each recipe is huge. I can only finish half of the salad and cooked food so to be fair, it wasn't that expensive. 

Easy or Hard?

Once you download the app (pay USD6 to do reboot programs for more than 3 days) all you have to do is register and pick how many days you want to do your reboot. There are 3, 5, 10 and 15 day plans. I picked 10 days. It's super easy using the app because:

  1. You'll be given a shopping list for your reboot plan. Super! I don't have to think. Just do.
  2. All recipes are easy to prepare (as long as you have an oven);
  3. Your progress is been monitored.

BUT, the hard part comes from:

  1. Identifying the kind of veggies that are available! hahaha.. I never knew there were so many veggies out there;
  2. Changing my eating habits. The diet ensures I am full all the time but I wanted my usual meat, msg, processed and fast food!! Argh!!! 
  3. Saying no to my husband when he dangles roti canai to my face and nose during breakfast while I have my merry bowl of baked apple and berries (without any sugar added, mine you). What the hell...
  4. Dealing with negative comments such as people thinking you are skinny enough and don't get why you are doing it. 


My acne cleared, no more headaches and I have more energy. I started to include Zumba and ballet in my weekly activities because my body feels much much better now. No more muscle pains during or after exercise, and generally I feel a lot better about myself. And the most surprising thing that happened; I lost 2 inches on my waist. I did not lose that much weight because I am already size XS, but what this detox program did was brought my shape back to when I was in my 20s! Boo ya! So, the positivity and confidence we get from taking control of our health are so obvious and it will show in our skin, body shape and overall character. 


It's a whole different ball game to be consistent after the reboot but after clearing out my pantry, I think that has elevate 50% of my success rate. I tend to eat only fruits and veggies during the week and when Chia comes back during the weekend, we get to go out and enjoy meat and desserts. In that way, I can maintain 50% fresh veggies and fruits, 30% cooked food  and the other 20% is meat and desserts. 


You will need support! Changing is hard and you need a bunch of positive people around you. This will help you power through when you feel like giving up. Mine was my family, alhamdulillah. Husband, mum and sisters helped me a lot and remain positive while I complained and vent out my frustrations during the first few days! hahahah.... Oh yeah, social media sucks if you are sensitive. There's always people who will give negative comments on why you shouldn't get better. So remember to find your support group and stick to positive people, always ;-).