First, you were feasted with Royal Iman dress, then with all the "throwback" pictures and videos of LtD's old collections.

"Are you guys restocking?"

"Will you produce back the previous sold out collections?"

Ladies... Keep guessing as we do have something up our (wudhu'-friendly) sleeves!

The hashtag #LtDbetterthanyesterday was created in 2015 to promote self-motivation that every woman can be well... Better than yesterday! Scrape off all comparisons with others as the only thing that should matter is to consistently improve ourselves. So... The comeback of this hashtag this time is to show our #LtDwomen that Love to Dress too is going through this journey and how we have progressed from the very first debut of Vintage Jannah dress to our current LtD Eid 2016 collection.

Where LtD is today... All thanks to our previous experiences that have taught us to push the boundaries, explore more and listen to our #LtDwomen. Yes, without you (and Allah SWT's blessing, of course!), we wouldn't be where we are now. And to show our endless appreciation towards you... We will be having something special by the end of this month. To be the first to know the secret, subscribe to our newsletter below.

To end this week's Transparency Tuesday, here's a sneak peek on how the #LtDteam roll ;)

Till the next Transparency Tuesday!


Love to Dress.