"Dear LtD, prints please!"

Well, ladies... LtD started with prints! Do you remember our Vintage Jannah? The printed dress was debuted in Love to Dress' first collection back in 2013 and oh boy, have we come a loooooong way since then. The dress thou sold out in a short period of time is still far from the vision or branding we have set for Love to Dress.

The truth is, we want to produce dresses that speak volume of our core DNA - tailored fit, sleek, structural, functional and feminine. In fact, we did have a print that we initially wanted to include in our Spring/Summer 2016 collection but had to be taken out as it didn't meet our criteria. (well, didn't we promise only the best for our #LtDwomen?).

As much as we want to have our garments in prints, there are still much research and trials to be done before our designers could be happy with it. We want to focus on perfecting the silhouette and fitting of each garment we design. When we feel the products we put out are ready to take the next step, then we will most definitely look into print designs. Fret not ladies, prints from Love to Dress will be made available for you, inshaAllah... Just let us tweak it a lil bit here and there... Then, voila! It'll be here sooner than you think! 

So, we hope this answers your question in this week's Transparency Tuesday.

Till the next Transparency Tuesday!


Love to Dress.