"I wish I had known earlier... I wish someone would have told me."

Ladies... There are men out there who do not deserve your second chance; who simply do not appreciate you and not worth your love. Well, let us list down 10 Men You Should Run Away From.

1. Bad tempered: This type of guy turns every conversation into an argument. Everything annoys him and he goes from zero to angry mode in a split second. Could it be unresolved anger issues? Who knows... but you probably don't want to stick around to find out. Scary!

2. Scrub: "I don't want no scrub... A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me". Do you still remember this song from TLC? Well, much like the lyrics, second on our list is a guy who does not want to earn an honest living and ask you for money instead. Oh... No, no no!

3. Disrespectful: Ladies, if he belittles you... He does not respect you. If he touches you... He does not respect you. Being respectful to each other is fundamental in a relationship. So if he's being disrespectful to you or even to your family and friends... Show him the door.

4. Lazy: It may seem old fashioned, but women love a man who takes the lead; the one that's always putting extra effort to earn more for future. And not those who wake up when the sun is already up and still depend on their parents for pocket money. 

5. Different Mindset: He has his goal and it's different from yours. He does not want a kid and you can't wait to start a family. There's nothing wrong in having different opinions but how to spend a lifetime with someone who imagines a different future?

6. No manner: An inability to say "Thank you" or "Please" or act rudely to the waiter is gross. On top of it, if he's rude to your family or friends that is grosser than gross. In fact, it's your cue to run, far far away. Manners are important, ladies. If a man never learned them... You don't want to take on the task of teaching him.

7. Irresponsible: Please, ladies... He's not the one if he ran away from responsibilities at every chance he got. Even our Prophet (May Peace and Blessing be upon him) stated, "Man is the guardian of his family and every guardian has responsibilities towards those under his guardianship".

8. Sloppy / Unhygienic: Euwww... This doesn't even need a long explanation. How do you expect him to be an example to your future kids? Next!

9. Needy / Clingy: "But I need you..." No, he does not need you every 10 seconds! The Needy Guy also doubts himself and needs constant reassurance about his relationship, work, and friendships. Yawn... Sayonara, Mr. Needy.

10. Control Freak: Yes, he loves you. Yes, he goes the extra mile to make sure you have your lunch on time. But when he calls you every 5 minutes and gets upset because you had an important meeting with your male colleague (and 15 other board members, duhh) he is definitely a CONTROL FREAK! And this type is the worst. They are so obsessive towards you that it's not healthy. So, run now before it's too late!

So, choose wisely, Ladies. Remember, you will always have the option to say "No".


Love to Dress.