We usually get questions on our Instagram about the fabrics we use. Well, in this week's Transparency Tuesday, we would like to explain further why we use these fabrics in our garment.

With functionality and comfort seen as a priority just as much as sleek designs, we have selected Polyester and Viscose as our go­-to fabrics with each collection for several reasons.

"Why Polyester as your outer garment?"

1. Ideal Flow - Not only is polyester is an extremely strong fibre, it is also able to provide a similar feel to that of silk with its lightweight feel. Well, that's how you get that effortless flow at every step you take.

2. Affordability - Because it is the world’s most demanded fibre, it’s readily available! It's also relatively inexpensive in comparison to other natural fibres (i.e silk, cotton). So, it fits the price range we want to maintain. Thus, our garments remain affordable to you without compromising quality.

3. Easy Care - Polyester clothing can be machine washed, dried and does not require much ironing. We understand that our #LtDwomen don't always have the time and luxury of sending their garments for dry-cleaning, so this fabric is definitely perfect for their lifestyle.

4. Durability - Polyester is very durable - resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion resistant. It's also a good conductor of heat, hence good for our hot weather. And the best part... it withstands wear and tear longer and retains its shape. WOW! All the things we need in our garments, don't you think?

"Why Viscose as your inner garment?"

1. Comfort - Viscose is very similar to that of silk and cotton in its texture, making it the ideal fabric. We have chosen the thinnest and softest viscose option so each dress feels easy on you skin.

2. That Cooling Effect - It is extremely lightweight and thin, making it suitable for our hot weather.

3. Coverage - It is the best option in offering added coverage to avoid sheerness from the outer garment, without adding too much thickness.

4. Absorbability - Viscose absorbs moisture, body oils and water, which is what we need, especially during the hot weather. This absorbability helps to avoid body odour from developing.

Now that you know why we use these fabrics in our garments, be sure to feel and test it yourself with our latest collection, #LtDEid2016. Shop online at FashionValet.com or try them on first at these stores, Modvier Bangsar, Fashion Valet BangsarFashion Valet Singapore or FV's Brunei Pop-up Store.

Till the next Transparency Tuesday!


Love to Dress.