"Petite, Regular or Tall... Which one should I pick?"

This week on Transparency Tuesday, we will be answering the most asked questions, "What's the difference between Petite, Regular and Tall?", "What goes well with my height?" and "Help me to choose my size." Later in this blog, we will show how to select the best size for you. Because ladies, tailored fit matters!

One of Love to Dress' DNAs is TAILORED FIT - a fit that looks like it's made to measure. A fit that's closest to your measurements, if not exactly and will flatter your silhouette. Thus, it's really important for us to have a more thorough sizing. That's why we have THREE ranges of height - Petite, Regular and Tall and FIVE ranges of size - UK6, UK8, UK10, UK12, and UK14.

"What's the difference between Petite, Regular and Tall?"

The most distinct difference is the length of the dress, Petite has the shortest length, followed by Regular, and Tall... well, obviously the tallest one. BUT, other measurements (i.e. shoulder, bust area, waist circumference, armhole) differ too. According to our research, body proportion also changes according to one's height. Again, to achieve tailored fit.

"What goes well with my height?"

Petite goes well to those with a height between 4'9" and 5'2", Regular is for those 5'3" to 5'6" while those with the height of 5'7"to 5'9" should opt for Tall.

"Help me to choose my size."

Here's a video showing how to select that perfect tailored fit for you.

So ladies, now that we understand that #tailoredfitmatters, be sure to get your measurements for #LtDEid2016 right before its launch this Monday, 6th June 2016. Also, for an exclusive preview of #LtDEid2016. subscribe to our newsletter.


Till the next Transparency Tuesday!


Love to Dress.