Our Creative Director, Asma' Nasaruddin and Production Executive, Sazulyn are camping in Dongguan, China to ensure the manufacturing process of #LtDEid2016 is running smoothly. The process is tedious - daily factory visits, approving the final draft & making sure it comes up to LtD's standard because we want only the best for our #LtDwomen. We sure hope they'll come back to Malaysia with an exciting news on #LtDEid2016. This collection will be welcoming you to yet another story; one we can't wait to share. Stay tuned!

This is our second Transparency Tuesday and we're loving it! Say... If you would like to know the who, what, why, when, where & how from Love to Dress, just drop us your questions at Talk to Us.

Till the next Transparency Tuesday.


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