It's our favourite day of the week... Because it's another episode of Transparency Tuesday! This week we will be talking about #WhatAreYouActuallyGetting.

Our Marketing team, head by Naida Harun, are always looking for fresh ideas on how each campaign should look like. They will come out with the theme, mood board and strategy down to the finer details, because let's face it... We all like to have that special experience or connection before we make the purchase.

Since we have made 2016 the year where we will be more transparent towards our customers (We created #TransparencyTuesday and ltdlive on Snapchat - where you can see most of our #beyondtheseams), we thought "Hey, why don't we show more of our dresses and lesser on the fluff and pretty photos?" Because to be honest, we just loooooove our dresses - the workmanship, fine details and designs - they worth every penny! Each dress is given much attention; hours and weeks are spent on sketching, the first draft, picking the right materials, adjustment after adjustment till we finally feel happy with the final product.

If we take out all the beautiful photos and just let the dress speaks for itself... Could we still sell it? Will you know WHAT ARE YOU ACTUALLY GETTING? We believe with this upcoming #LtDEid2016 collection, you will. There's so much to love about this collection. This is the collection which we really push our limit.

Of course, we would not totally forgo the idea of having beautiful pictures on our social media platforms. We love taking nice photos and create an inspiring story to each collection. That's how LtD communicates to you. But if we would (forgo the idea), we would like you to know that the dresses do speak for themselves. And you will know #WhatAreYouActuallyGetting.

Till the next Transparency Tuesday!


Love to Dress.