"Why are you doing workwear and separates now after 3 years of focusing solely on producing dresses?"

Well, actually we're the one asking this to ourselves this time. We feel that we have never been really transparent with our LtD women about this new direction that we're venturing into. After all, you are our biggest inspirations.

We have to be honest... There was a few moment of doubts (okay, maybe more than a few) at the direction of the company is going. Most of us are worried about, "Are we still staying true to the objective of Love to Dress?" - to dress the urban Muslim women, our LtD women.

You know one of those "Ahh-haa" moments after you get to the final part of the movie you're watching when you finally understand the whole concept of the story, OR when you finally get to figure out that algebra equation? (Yeah, neither do us. Let's get back to using the movie as reference, shall we?). Yes, all of us at LtD had that moment too. If we were to stay true to our objective, we should think bigger. Bigger than what we have done for the past 3 years.

The LtD woman is not just on a journey of self-discovery and striving towards the Holy Qu'ran and Allah SWT (the ultimate perfection), but she's also an urban woman who lives an active lifestyle, enjoys a cup of tea and a force to reckoned when she's at work... And with every step of the journey, Love to Dress would like to be part of it too.

So, having that said, who knows, Ladies, you might be seeing more categories from us. Stay tuned!

Till the next Transparency Tuesday!


Love to Dress.