A few days ago, I had a meeting with an investment banker who asked me, "why did you start LtD and what is your vision?" I came out with a visionary statement such as building a profitable and sustainable business blah blah blah... Actually it's because I wanted to sound smart since I didn't understand what she meant when she started to say stuff like IPO, hahahaa.... Dude, the only acronym I am familiar with is MFEO and BFF.

But it did get me thinking about those days when I first started. You know, those times when we were young and we had all the energy to bulldoze everything just to prove a point! bahaha... I am not that person anymore. I guess this is the beauty about growing and maturing (I hope!). We change, evolving into a deeper understanding of who we are. But one thing remains constant though.... I am still working towards building a world for the #LtDwomen

You, the #LtDwomen are in for a lot of surprises this year! Urgghhh, I am dying to let you guys in the loop but I am going to have to hold my horses because it wouldn't be a surprise now, would it? So many amazing things are currently happening with LtD because Allah swt has given me another challenge i.e. supporting and encouraging my team to give their best to you. It's not just me now, I have the opportunity to build new team members to pursue the LtD goals. Who could have thought LtD could have grown to this, subhanAllah. Whilst 2015 was about making tough decisions to grow-up, in 2016 we are ready to fly! 

So.... to kick start our 2016, I am going to let you in on something happening real soon! Insha Allah, we've got a special campaign highlighting the #LtDwomen's path to a unique, outstanding and balanced lifestyle. And this time, we're keeping our focus on knowledge, health and motherhood, yippee! We're going to beautifully curate some inspiring people, places and organisations that we hope, will be a feast to your eyes, mind and soul. Excited yet?

And fret not! Our campaigns are not here to make you feel exhausted and drained into what you should, could and would be. The #LtDwomen was never about being perfect. No, we're too far from that... BUT it's ultimately about something really special going on within us - a quest to keep ourselves occupied with self improvement based on our journey with the Quran. So no matter how high we fly (and trust me we will fly high), we remember the One that is keeping us soar.

Do they not see the birds above them with wings outspread and (sometimes) folded in? None holds them (upward) except the Most Merciful. Indeed He is, of all things, Seeing. Al-Mulk: 19

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