"I know about hijrah!" said Itasha excitedly. "It's about Prophet Abraham (peace and blessings be upon him) when he had to sacrifice his son right? I read it on wikipedia," says Itasha proudly. 

Guys... It felt like I was kicked in the guts, hahahahah... #whenwikiisabetterreferencethanQuran. Think fast Sumayyah, salvage this situation wisely. Act cool, act cool!

"Ok guys, who can tell me about prophet Abraham?" I asked. Fail... I sound like a freaking Sunday school teacher. Dictator and religious, great. Why not bring back the Spanish inquisition while we're at it.

"Oooh, oooh, I can!" said Naida enthusiastically. "Prophet Abraham (pbuh) is Khalil of Allah (friend of Allah). You know kak Sue, he was also..." Naida's words started to sound something like noise that seemed to make sense but all I could think about was, 'what would be the perfect hijab to go with my outfit?' bahahahhaa.... Poor Naida, she's such a bowl of merry but facts are like a snooze button on my ADD self. 

That's it. Our team had to take a break from work and talk about this amazing superhero called Abraham (pbuh). No facts, no wikipedia stuff... just an exciting, emotional and inspiring story that I understood based on the Quran*.

I obviously paraphrased and added my witty and intelligent use of vocabulary to make the story relatable. Ok fine, actually it was more like a 'romcom/sci-fi' flick because it's us chics talking about a hunk... bhahahhaha I can't help it. Prophets (peace and blessing be upon them) are the coolest people that ever walked on this face of earth! That means in my head, they look more like Four/Tobias Eaton instead of some fat sheikh in a ragged dress. hahahaha... Oh boy, it's official. I have literally butchered my religion and made it into hollywood. #blasphemy.

After the meeting, I realised most people are just like me. We barely understand Quran and always rely on others to define what is Islam. ENOUGH! It's time for me to train my team to think for themselves. Starting with me telling them how to think for themselves! bahahaha... 

And since I am clearly a boss/dictator, I resorted to using my professional card and made Bayyinah Quran Cover to Cover as training. Let's get Ustaz Nouman to do the heavy lifting, and me to reap the capitalistic benefits, muahahahaha (evil vampire laugh). Jokes aside, it is important that every campaign comes from our own experiences of trying to instil these values within ourselves.  

So here's us with our hijrah/Muharram campaign - #LtDbetterthanyesterday. It's about what matters the most to me, my toncet team, and most importantly.... you. Easy, empowering and liberating, it's about WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO RIGHT NOW?

P.S.: I'm not giving you guys the story of Prophet Abraham here. Wouldn't do justice to my amazing story telling skills. i.e. eyeballs popping, hands and saliva flying everywhere... seriously such a delight, NOT! bahahahha..... 

*This is a journey and I make mistakes so I hope you do your own research ya :-). 
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