"I am so angry!" I said to my mum as I clenched my teeth in the cold and sanitised hospital room.

"Sue, don't say like that," my mum begged me. "We... (sniff, sniff) we can't say that. We have to say, inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rojioon," she pleaded with me in her broken voice as tears gushed down her tired eyes.

My brother passed away in an accident, four months after burying my father. They placed his grave just beside Baba's because the grave was still warm. Fear, loss of home and wealth came right after, but it seemed like child's play compared to that day. For 2 years, I cried myself to sleep and left my husband to deal with my depression, anger and loss of direction.

If that's not love, I don't know what love is then.



When my mum pleaded me to say, 'inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rojioon', I concluded religious people were nuts. I didn't know Quran. Heck I didn't even know Islam. So I began to question everything around me. And somewhere between the many Islamic groups and conferences I joined, I found myself clinging to the Quran.

"Sumi, let's sign up for Bayyinah tv," Chia suggested. "We can learn arabic and Quran together." Aww... how romantic was le hubs?

After 3 romantic - 10 minutes - online classes (just a click on the finger guys), Chia said, "Sumi kite buat bende lain laaa :-)" bahahaha... hampeh betul! I decided to soldier on with Quran Cover-to-Cover* and it was like ecstacy. Intoxicating, uplifting and highly addictive!

This was the starting point of me being smart! Yes guys, I am no more the smelly kid in school. It's the education system that's wrong, not me. I'm a genius obviously, duh?! #sayseveryone. 



Some time during my zealous amazement with Quran, I had a eureka moment and found out that Islam came to perfect me i.e. I am supposed to be exactly who I am. So y'all with agendas out there, don't Jeremiah trick me when it comes to God, hmm kay. I got Quran now ;-). 

"Can we be modest yet fashionable? Isn't the point of modesty blah blah blah..." This is the fastest way to get me to snoozeland. Snore... zzz.... "Err... What did you say? Sorry, I dozed off," as I wipe a puddle of drool on my killer dress.

Seriously guys, can we stop this nonsense. It's getting too old and I am losing my patience. At least last time I would politely smile and give a civilised answer. Now I just look at them with my blank face and blink a few times. I hope they get the hint. #notfitfordakwahwork.


Love to Dress

The plan is to build a company for the #LtDwomen. She is the woman I aspire to be. I am guessing it would be easier for me to serve those whom I find inspiring. And like most dreamers, I have a bright idea and that was it! hahahaha... I was dead broke, no product and a whole lot of attitude. So I had to call my easiest recruits/ victims, my sisters... Muahahaha (evil vampire laugh). Unfortunately they left this dictator, I mean their sister in a whiz. Naturally bahahahaha.... Like any other dictator/ sister (interchangeable as and when necessary), I need an army due to security reasons #insecure. So how did I start?

"Takpe Sumi, Chia ade kat sini," is my husband's favourite response. And just like those nights that I cried myself to sleep, right till today when I get stress managing the company, his response remains, "Takpe Sumi, Chia ade kat sini." He became LtD's first victim, I mean soldier (interchangeable as and when necessary). And that's how Love to Dress started.

*Quran Cover-to-Cover is a program on Bayyinah.tv

Dress: Zahra in beige and black from #LovetoDressXFV collection available at Fashion Valet
Hijab: Slip-on hijab in Black by Hijabers Central available at Fashion Valet.
Clutch: Xerva in maroon (real snake skin) by Darshah available at Modvier
Shoes: Nude pumps by Gucci.