"Have you thought about your financial investment for the future Mrs. Nasaruddin?" would be the typical question an insurance sales person would ask. Hang on a second mister. Number 1, how do you know I have money? #paranoia. And number 2, why thank you for being so concerned about my future :-).

When the wealth that we have, have exceeded what we need to survive, then we might want to consider investing and managing our finances well, to ensure we get maximum profit from our money of course! As usual, the best guide is definitely the Quran and I am dying to share what I've learnt.

1. Highest Return of Investment:
In the path of Allah swt - 'fi sabeelillah' (2:61). In the path of Allah swt is when we invest on what Rasulullah (saw) did, i.e. calling people to Islam. It's like those people who go around doing da'wah work, mosques, anything to spread the message of Islam. Be extra vigilant for those who exhaust themselves in calling people to Islam until they do not have the means to earn a living... And their mark will be; they do not beg people for anything. Their modesty is why idiots like me don't know they are poor (2:273). 

2. Second Highest Return of Investment:
Charity - sadaqah. The best form of charity is to our family members i.e. parents, wives, sisters who are single mothers, orphan relatives etc. Always start with our family members, friends and then go from there (2:215). Orphans, travellers, poor people, people in debt and people who ask i.e. beggars, charity organisations etc.

*Important: there are explicit things we sometimes do that can nullify this investment. Refer to 2:262-264.

3. Middle Way:
Business transactions. When we start a business or when we invest in someone else's business. 

4. The worse kind of investment:
ANYTHING THAT INVOLVES INTEREST - RIBA. Stay as far, far away from this kind of investment. There are no blessings (barakah) in it and it will cause us to be in a lot of trouble in this life and the next (2:275-278). If we are the caption of the interest ship, "abort mission, I repeat abort mission, Houstan!"

Most of us are actively participating in number 2 and 3. And some are still struggling in the interest/ riba department. No worries, I was there once and I know how hard it is to get out of the interest/ riba life. I'll talk about that in another post ya. But for now, let's talk about the bigger prize - fi sabeelillah (for the sake of Allah). 

The number 1 fi sabeelillah has the highest return of investment. Financially contributing to people who are actively calling people towards Islam is the best way to maximise our financial profits. Allah swt says that money will grow into 7 parts, then each 7 parts will be multiplied by 100 and then Allah swt will continue to multiply in a way our human mind cannot comprehend (2:261). Seriously guys... This is the best way to diversify our financial portfolio when we've already invested in business and charity. 

Now all we need to do is to find a trustful person or organisation that does da'wah work*. These people are the key to yield our money and turn it into profit. Once we have found a beneficiary:

1. Consistency - Make it an amount that is manageable and something that we can commit to on a regular basis. 
2. Anonymous - Do not interfere with their work and best to keep our investments anonymous. This gets us extra bonus with Allah swt, the One who will be rewarding us in this life and the Next (2:262-271).
3. Faith & Patience - Like any investment, things don't happen overnight. So be patient and have 100% believe with full certainty that Allah swt will be the only entity rewarding us. 

Happy investing everyone... May Allah swt be pleased with us and make us super duper rich while we're at it! :-)

*Different person/ organisation have different approach. My recommendation is to look for those who are honest and kind in nature and start with the closest to us i.e. family, friends, or the local neighbourhood. 

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