A nice cup of tea, some incidents in life and clarity of thought. This is the right recipe for me to rant. And for now, you are the victims to hear me rant, hahahaa.... There are a few incidents that happened in my life that made me break out from group mentality and be the person that I am today.

"Guys, I want to invest in educating myself," I said to my partners 6 years ago. "I don't want to just make dresses. I want to make something that is carefully thought, has quality, has the right cutting, technique etc." I looked at my partners who listened attentively to what I am saying. "I found a course here in KL and it's just RM10,000. I think I can raise that money and with your agreement, I'd like to invest in educating myself in fashion."

In a week's time, one of my partners came back to me saying, "We don't think investing RM10,000 in a fashion course is worth it. We don't agree. It's just too much money to spend on fashion education."

I was devastated when they said that. It was like I was back in high school and they canceled English Literature as one of the subjects. "Why do you want to take English Literature so much? Is it because you want to marry a white guy?" asked Puan Sabariah condescendingly.

Another recent event was a conversation in the car with some fashion brand owners. "Sue, you don't know who Dr. Azizan Osman is?" my friend asked earnestly. She continued to convince me how significant he is. I wasn't convinced. Partly because I think motivational courses are full of emotional fluff. I believe in these three important ingredients to run a successful business:

  1. Talent and technical skills;
  2. Passion to pursue excellence; and
  3. Commitment to work hard.

None of these three can be found in that motivational course.

By some miracle, she changed the subject and asked me, "Sue, how do you edit your photos? Your photos always look so bright and clean." At last, a subject that I am passionate about! "Oh it's easy, " I said excitedly. "You can do it too! I just do what Net-A-Porter does. Isn't it amazing how they are revolutionising fashion?" I got lost in my own excitement and as my twinkling eyes gazed at her, she asked me, "Who is Net-A-Porter?" 

Just like how I decided to quit TKC and end my partnership, I am now slowly starting to back away from my business friends. It's not easy to break out and leave people behind. But don't be scared. We just have to start by being honest with ourselves and ask, "What do I want in life?"

When we can quieten the noise and answer this question truthfully, I believe we have found ourselves and the purpose of our existence. And when we pursue that purpose, that is when we find contentment. Wishing you my dear readers, peace and salaam from this little garden of mine. 

Dress: Nayla Off White
Cardigan: Zara
Scarf: Satin Crepe, Fleur Malaysia
Brooch: Verstyle Vintage
Clutch: XERVA by Darshah