"Er... ok guys... er.... I'll write about love next week," I said to my team. What-in-the-world-was-I-thinking? Which idiotic dictator would volunteer to such a preposterous task?

It's so easy for me write about business because that's what dictators do. They go for power and money. bahahhaha..... But love is so pure and sincere. What would I know of such things? Truth is, this dictator is a sucker for love. A complete addict to the most cliché kind.

You see, when I started to look for Islam, I went to a lot of lectures and talks. Even joined usrah groups. But the more intense I looked for knowledge, I became somewhat distant from my husband. Most of these lectures were about the love for Allah swt and our prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him). There was no room for my cliché kind of love, or so I thought.


But what an idiot! Faith without intelligence is a recipe for disaster, at least for me. I threw away common sense and accepted whoever that knew Quran or talked about my prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) as role models. Classic case of dumb and dumber one on one. bahahahha... No genius, somebody talking about Islam does not make them an expert in life. It just means they study and memorise a lot of things. Duh, Sumayyah! So let's be smart and use our own intelligence to define what kind of love we want to give and receive.

At this juncture in my life, I am so open to love. And not the kind that people nowadays say to each other, "I love you for the sake of Allah". NO thanks! I am open to a different kind of love. Love being an active verb i.e. action based. The one that genuinely invests time and effort to get to know someone, the one that is hoping to make the other person laugh and feel wanted, the one that cries because it's so painful to miss someone but you can't help but to anyway. Yeah, I want that kind of love starting with my husband, then to my family and then lastly to my friends. And it's a big risk to fall madly in love because what if that person hurts us? And trust me, they will because so will we hurt the other person too!

But this is the kind of love that I want for people that I care about the most. And the only security that I can get, is to ask Allah swt to protect our love. Imagine going into love knowing that we will experience pain anyway... Now that's what I call #BoldinLove.

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